Monday, October 30, 2006

Question of the day:
Rubber boots, is it The Boot for men this season?
(Pls do comment on this. I have no comments. No one is reading this blog, crap)

For instance:
I think low cut or folded down rubber boots should be the boot of choice for a stylish guy this fall.
I mean the good old basic ones in black or dark olive green.
Hardcore rubber boots. The practical-but-not-so-cool ones.
The ones depicted are lacrosse ones. Never seen theme before.
Table tennis is big in sweden, Lacrosse is not

The other day we where visiting friends in the country side.
I had to buy a new pair of rubber boots since it's a proper farm with pigs, horses, 4 dogs. The whole shebang.
I've been seeing these low cut TreTorn ones called SUB last season and just thought "That's how a rubber boot should look!"
Now I had a justified reason to buy them, whopidoo.

This place they have is really old school posh in a relaxed way. (They take hunting very seriously for instance, bravo!)
Wearing a Muji army jacket, dark unwashed denims, a fitted button down Gant shirt with a loosely tied tweed necktie from Coast-Weber-Ahaus and Stan Smiths (what else..) I looked like, well, anybody, I guess.
Since Stan Smith doesn't do pig-droppings so well, I shoved my feet in to the rubber boots exiting the car...tous les magie.
Then, I started thinking thinking of an old photo of my Mom when she was like 20.
They where all wearing these very plain white and navy rubber boots, with the shafts folded down.
You wrote the abbreviation of the part of town you where from on the shaft with a magic marker.
(In her case it was L-Ö). Very cool.

(Is Thom Brown or Michael Bastian wearing Rubber boots this season?)

I need to think about this, a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pushing for the Jeffery project in the satorialist blog ;)

(Hope you can edit and delete this post if necessary..)