Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More from "that school" in the UK.
These pics blow me away. Sometimes you find stuff on the web that's just insanely talented. I truly hope the woman who took these pictures enjoys a fantastic life, kicking back in the hamptons in a huge mansion, god knows she deserves it.

UK had it's moments in the 60's and 70's.
"Preppy gone hooligan" That's hot, as Paris would have put it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I don't know how you spent your weekend but I was attending a wedding at St Jean Cap Ferrat on the french riviera.
I sported white sneakers with my tux. Apparently a "very unexpected combination" according to some of the more traditional, and seriously wealthy, WASPS attending the event. To hell with them, I rocked.
(Even though, I did feel somewhat "malplaceé" in the surroundings, but that has nothing to do with sneakers, more with annual income)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I remember thinking it was so cool someone's parents had a piece of
art saying motherfucker on the wall when I saw this at a friends
parents appartment when I was like 18 years old.
Bruce Nauman made it as an invitation to his vernissage in 1973 or
something. With an invitation like that, I hope he had some kick-ass
pieces to put on display.
When I grow up and make a lot of money, this is the first piece of art
I will buy. (This, and the entire collection of Peter Beard paintings
hanging at Cipriani, NYC)

Subtle neon details on sportswear fabrics are OK. Normally I hate neon. I think it's because I was around last time it was cool (yes, I'm that old..)
I especially recall this Sergio Tacchini WCT jacket in pink & cyan that I cherised the shit out of.
All neon garments should be burned alive.
Except.. for a lightweight, chalky neon-green nylon jacket with white pipings that I've got my eyes on...but for that I have to wait until spring 2009..crap.
(Note to self: Persuade the outerwear designer to give me one of the samples..trade it for one of my kids if neccessary)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Top 5 nicest checks to me!
From a vintage madras fabric. The original design was in a sheer silk
fabric and kind of murky in the colors.
It's not often you stumble across designs and you immediately think:
That's "One of those", I can make that beatiful!
Re-coloured in bright colors and slightly re-sized it turned to gold.
(At least for anyone who's a member of Shirt-geeks R Us)

Oversized pockets on a vintage dress shirt fabric.
It's the bastard child of a vintage sportswear jacket and an old Turnbull & Asser shirt.
The buttons I found on a pair of old U.S army underwear. They're totally cheap looking and matches the dressy fabric in a horrible but nice way.
It takes the dressy feeling out of it, so to speak..
Cool thing is you can wear it under a blazer and still look totally clean and crisp but anyone paying attention to detail will note the huge pocket and think "That dude has no fucking clue, or, he's way cooler than me"
(Except for any Japanese guy, who will realize it's really cool right away)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Replicated original 60's madras check. Looks like a million dollars if you ask me.
The washed out print on the hem adds that "little extra" the vintage nerd in me love so much.

Thing about doing a seersucker fabric is using the right yarns, and a really heavy wash, otherwise it tend to get abrasive.
Needless to say, this one is as smooth as whipped cream against your skin.
Just add balanced design and color, et voila, spring 2009's best seersucker.

Sneaky sneaky preview of Spring/Summer 2009
Light, yet crispy batistes, becomes almost structural when shot against the light.
(I'm a pretentious fucker, I know)