Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What did I learn today?
That changing an original danish 50's sofa for an Ikea is never a good idea.
We put it together, placed it in the room, realized it looked like shit.
Took it apart, sent it back, bought some heavy canvas taping and fixed the 50's sofa.

I also got a 1935 hatshelf that I mounted in the bathroom above the tub.
FINALLY I will be grabbing a plush, fresh, white towel from the correct looking vintage aluminum shelf, every morning.
It's been an issue, since my wife didn't understand what I was raving about after staying at Costes in Paris, but now she does, it looks fantastic.

So does this vintage Lang perfume bottle of "Velviona".
The scent is like amplified skin, like a newborn baby.
Really strange but also really nice.
I'm taking the lasts drops to Christopher Brosius in his gallery in Brooklyn
to see if he can re-create it. (Maybe he'll be offended?)

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