Monday, October 30, 2006

Question of the day:
Rubber boots, is it The Boot for men this season?
(Pls do comment on this. I have no comments. No one is reading this blog, crap)

For instance:
I think low cut or folded down rubber boots should be the boot of choice for a stylish guy this fall.
I mean the good old basic ones in black or dark olive green.
Hardcore rubber boots. The practical-but-not-so-cool ones.
The ones depicted are lacrosse ones. Never seen theme before.
Table tennis is big in sweden, Lacrosse is not

The other day we where visiting friends in the country side.
I had to buy a new pair of rubber boots since it's a proper farm with pigs, horses, 4 dogs. The whole shebang.
I've been seeing these low cut TreTorn ones called SUB last season and just thought "That's how a rubber boot should look!"
Now I had a justified reason to buy them, whopidoo.

This place they have is really old school posh in a relaxed way. (They take hunting very seriously for instance, bravo!)
Wearing a Muji army jacket, dark unwashed denims, a fitted button down Gant shirt with a loosely tied tweed necktie from Coast-Weber-Ahaus and Stan Smiths (what else..) I looked like, well, anybody, I guess.
Since Stan Smith doesn't do pig-droppings so well, I shoved my feet in to the rubber boots exiting the car...tous les magie.
Then, I started thinking thinking of an old photo of my Mom when she was like 20.
They where all wearing these very plain white and navy rubber boots, with the shafts folded down.
You wrote the abbreviation of the part of town you where from on the shaft with a magic marker.
(In her case it was L-Ö). Very cool.

(Is Thom Brown or Michael Bastian wearing Rubber boots this season?)

I need to think about this, a lot.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sauce Bearnaise is a very important thing to me.

Needless to say, this Sauce of Sauces, adds to the circumference in a way that is not very sexy
Therefore, this summer I made a version of sauce bearnaise that is not based on butter, and will allow you to
spoon it in without worrying looking like a beached whale next summer.

I know, you're thinking "It will taste like crap, you moron!!"

You are wrong.

The ground is the same as always: (serves 4)
4 tblspoons of white wine vingar.
(Find one with tarragon in, it helpes boost the flavor)
same ammount of water,
One finely chopped schallot,
4 whole white pepper seeds
Chopped parsily
Fresh or dried tarragon.
(Half a pepperoncini if you want some oompff in it)

Boil until one third remains.
(Your eyes should be running standing next to the stove, or there's not enough vinegar in there!)

Meanhwile, put 3 eggyolks in a cup, should be roomtempered when they go in.

Sift the reduction, and put the liquid back in the pot.
Throw in the eggyolks and beat it constantly until starting to get creamy.
You don't want scrambled eggs, so easy on the heat!!!
(If you can make a sauce bearnaise directly on the stove, without a waterbath, you can do anything)

Now, to the magic.
Instead of pouring in like 200 grams of melted butter, you just take out a can of creme fraiche (the LIGHT version) and whip it in. You need to add half small pinch of sugar, a small pinch of salt to add up for the missing butter.

You will be surprised how well this works. A HUGE bonus is that you can put it in the fridge and re-heat it the day after without the sauce cracking.

The following places is on my shit-list for serving poor Sauce Bearnaise.
Schiller, NYC.
(With fries like that, why serve it with that crappy bearnaise?!)

Hotel Costes, Paris.
(Charging 45 USD for a mediocre piece of tournedos with some fat yellow yuk that tastes like Café De Paris sauce is a crime. Even Costes are not cool enough to get away with that)

Chez Andres, Paris.
(I just don't get it, here it is, the ultimate french bistro, and it tastes NOTHING. There are pizza places in Stockholm that serves better "Bea"..)

By the way, we miss Per & Jennie, a lot.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I was going to get this blown up and place it as "part wallpaper" directly on the kitchen tiles.
It's just scribbles on an old notebook paper for personal inspiration boards.
But it will add a certain je ne sais qoi to the room I think.
Maybe it's arty farty, maybe I'll throw it in the trash, dont know.

I started stealing menus from nice restaurants a while ago.
The criteria for snitch-worthiness so far has been

1. Coated or waxed paper is always nice.
2. ground colour should be in creme or light nougat with blood-red or brown lettering.
(A nice typeface is very important. This months most loved font is: Lamar Pen)
3. Some kind of stain, red wine or similar signs of having a nice evening out.
4. Anything resembling old french bistro would do really.

Since our whole kitchen is all white tiles, I thought that you could get it more interesting by posting these on the wall.
The illusion of french bistro, made complete with stolen stuff. Tres chic.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I've come to terms with that this blog is really superficial, shallow and very pretentious.
That off my chest today's pick of beauty has to be my youngest daughter, Irma Lee.
If she would have been born a boy, her name would have been Edwin Lee, then she would have
had 2 denim brands in her name, that would have been so cool(?)
(I really need to quit collecting vintage denim..)

Anyway, Irma kicks ass, even though she refuses to wear any of the cool rock'n roll tee shirts I get her on my trips.
She's 4 and only wants to wear pink stuff with cats on. That sucks.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Today was a good day. (they mostly are, I should add)
The office is near empty, the others in the design-crew being on their second far east trip for the season.
It's quite, I have time to sort thrue all kinds of stuff.
Started with some planning on fabric-designs for the Cruise collection Fall 07.
We're leaving for NYC the 12th of NOV to start it up and also to start tuning in for Spring 08.
Staying at the Maritime for the first time.
With Pastis across the street a smoke and a coffee to jump start my young(?) hart.
It's enough to make any man happy.
With dinner reservation at Freemans, sweet. It seem to be just my kind of place.

This old steamboat trunk, the craftsmanship and the soul of this thing makes it this weeks favourite piece!
Someone loved this trunk. I'm gonna buy it, I have to.
Jesus, there's really something with me and luggage at the moment.
What the hell am I going to do with all the luggage and bags I'm buying?
It's like casual sportswear shirts in banker stripes with white collars, it's just so damn good looking.
Wore one today with a narrow vintage black helmut Lang tie and Stan Smiths.
I never used to wear ties to my Stan Smiths. I'm old.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

This Fiat 500 is cool enough to base an entire collection on.

Thursday was the opening party for Whyred's new store in stockholm.
They offered russian tea, cucumber sandwiches and macarones. Very modern and very fresh!

Nice store & the collection is fantastic. (No one has better womens shoes this season by the way)
They deserve to break big time in the states.
Concidering what's cookin, they should be a smashhit with their understated, intellectual designs, tailored details and clever choice of fabrics.
Any fan of Michael Bastian, Thom Browne will love it.
(oh, and a big thanks to the entire USA (NYC that is) for finally adopting a more narrow silhouette. Even though I still haven't found a single american brand who carries a pair of nicely fitted chinos. What's up with those football thighs of your's, hehe..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What did I learn today?
That changing an original danish 50's sofa for an Ikea is never a good idea.
We put it together, placed it in the room, realized it looked like shit.
Took it apart, sent it back, bought some heavy canvas taping and fixed the 50's sofa.

I also got a 1935 hatshelf that I mounted in the bathroom above the tub.
FINALLY I will be grabbing a plush, fresh, white towel from the correct looking vintage aluminum shelf, every morning.
It's been an issue, since my wife didn't understand what I was raving about after staying at Costes in Paris, but now she does, it looks fantastic.

So does this vintage Lang perfume bottle of "Velviona".
The scent is like amplified skin, like a newborn baby.
Really strange but also really nice.
I'm taking the lasts drops to Christopher Brosius in his gallery in Brooklyn
to see if he can re-create it. (Maybe he'll be offended?)

Li Edelkoort came to town today.
She blows me away by the way she is able to visualize her thoughts.
I wonder if she sometimes sees a new aspect to the picture she's just showing and improvises, that's how casual she seems about it.
Grey is it for spring 2008, basically on everything.
Tinted, washed out, crisp any way you can imagine. But still, grey?
I have my doubts even though her presentation was (as always) VERY convincing.
Perhaps I should add, Li is suggesting to throw in Yellow and RED (RED RED) to kick it.

This is not grey, this is an antique Indian indigo weave I found in a old pile of fabrics in a streetfare in Bangalore.
It's way more fun than grey, indigo always is.
Above is yours truly. Italia just hammered the crap out of those frenchys in the soccer World Cup Finals.

A steal on Ebay at 250 buckaroos.
I've been looking for a holdall bag like this for a year, and there it was.
Sweet lord, the patina, the shape, the details (the sheer smell of quality).
It's all there.
This is THE bag.

I REALLY need to check out gramercy park hotel on the next trip to NYC.
Last time I stayed there (like 3 years ago) it was as much as old, wornout rock myth as one can possible take in a week. Cool as hell, but a bit too shabby.
You needed to get ape-faced before getting to bed, since everything smelled like Tommy Lee's vomit. (Getting ape-faced did not present a problem however..)
Speaking of travel, this suitcase I still curse myself for not buying.

Monday, October 16, 2006

This is a blog about all things beatiful. Mostly fashion, travelling and designer
I'll just add stuff that I feel is nice, that's all.

The invitation for our upcoming party.
It's a vintage Barolo Bottle at the Hotel Aida winecellar during summer in
Alassio on the Italian Riviera. (if you haven't been there, go, NOW!)
I edited out the text and added the details on the party instead.
Turned out nice (and really hard to read according to some of my less clever friends..)