Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ok, how hard is it to find inspiration if you live on 4th street and Charles?
Not hard at all I would say.
New York at it's finest, god damnit!

Monday, February 12, 2007

When lunch at restaurant Boom in Soho became slightly longer than expected (due to a tasty Chianti Classico)
the waitress tricked out the candle simply by wrapping the handwritten menu around it.
Trés genial.
After this we found some really nice vintage stuff at What Comes Around Goes Around.
(Shopping slightly tipsy is the new black)

This floor is brand new, yet looks like it's 200 years old and re-painted again and again.
Underneath there seemed to be an steel grey/blue and top coated with a yellowish hard finish laquer.
This EXACTLY how the floors should look in the Bed and Breakfast me and my wife will open in Alassio when we're "older".
The floor can be found in meatpacking district , where else..courtesy of the Adrian Ruhle store
Next doors to the really really nice restaurant 5 / Ninth.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bistro Nouveau, stockholm latest (and only?) addition to the bistro scene opened 2 days ago.
We tried it out yesterday and the verdict can only be: Fantastic!!
Even though we waited almost 45 minutes for the food (and the service was "so-so" to say the least), it was in all a very happy moment for anyone who loves a well performed setting and thought behind every detail.
It's so well put together, everything from the Voluspa scented candles and the lighting in the restrooms to the sauce bearnaise was top notch. Is this really Stockholm?, hard to believe, but oh, so true!!
Well Done!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thom Browne?
Timothy Hamilton is the new Thom Browne.
(Poor Michael Bastian got to be king for one season...)
Hamilton's collection at Bergdorf was low-key, masculine and very beautiful.
Although, Thom Browne is one of few designers who uses raw cotton wads as
cover sheeting on his button downs shirts.
Savile Row stylee!

What a sad archaic little world I live in..

Monday, February 05, 2007

If you're in to selling smokes, this is the way to do it, 'nuff said.

They also had a -96 "Don" Pérignon at 240 dolares a bottle on the menu..
Has Mexico, against all odds, purchased the license to manufacture champagne?
(I looove when cool New York restaurateurs mess up)

Jean-Michel Cousteau dropped by the office today, seems like a really nice dude.
He really (I mean really!) likes the ocean. We're helping him save it best we can.

(I really, really, really like expensive stuff. I wish someone started
a society to help save my personal checking account)

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's old news to most but if you're out for something really heavy and want to smell like a true Italian gentleman, go for
Czech & Speak's "Citrus Paradisi"
Perfect if you hold a daytime job managing the Hanbury Tennis Club in Alassio and spend all night having drinks with the creme de la creme. I'll definately be sporting it this summer.

If you've been missing Helmut Lang's Velviona:
Malin & Goetz Synthezised Musk is the answer to your prayers.
It might not be just as intense and strangely fantastic as Velviona due to it's many more
components, but it still does the job.

Otherwise, anything from D&L Co's signature line will do the trick.
They use handpleated, swiss tissue to cover their candles.
Now THAT's luxury.