Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New York. Rainy but fantastic.

Bergdorf Goodman first stop as always.
Michael Bastian has a very nice collection and with it hanging next to Thom Brown it probably is
the best 40 square meters of mens fashion there is today.
Dinner at Café Cluny, a new place on 12 th street, same owners as Odeon I think. Super-cosy french bistro.
Had a hanger steak and asked for bearnaise (surprise..), but it wasn't on the meny. It was served with a creamy garlic butter sauce. Equaly fat, and almost as good.
And the clock outside the entrance..didn't even know a clock could be this beatiful.
Stole a menu.

Hotel Maritime is nice. Small rooms but funtional. I should have been here 3 years ago when it was cool..
(Stole a menu anyway, hehe)

Dinner at Pastis, omelette and fries. Simple and nice.
(Buy the way, they are off my shit list, the Bearnaise is back on track)
Definately stole a menu. Prettiest one around.

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