Friday, October 27, 2006

I was going to get this blown up and place it as "part wallpaper" directly on the kitchen tiles.
It's just scribbles on an old notebook paper for personal inspiration boards.
But it will add a certain je ne sais qoi to the room I think.
Maybe it's arty farty, maybe I'll throw it in the trash, dont know.

I started stealing menus from nice restaurants a while ago.
The criteria for snitch-worthiness so far has been

1. Coated or waxed paper is always nice.
2. ground colour should be in creme or light nougat with blood-red or brown lettering.
(A nice typeface is very important. This months most loved font is: Lamar Pen)
3. Some kind of stain, red wine or similar signs of having a nice evening out.
4. Anything resembling old french bistro would do really.

Since our whole kitchen is all white tiles, I thought that you could get it more interesting by posting these on the wall.
The illusion of french bistro, made complete with stolen stuff. Tres chic.

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