Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yes, they are handmade in italy, yes they are foldable, yes they're about 450 USD and yes, it's Ralph Lauren Purple Label.
(And yes, they are this seasons best glasses)

My (extremely) talented wife did the stand for a swedish equestrian brand "Theodore Bespoke" this weekend.
My wife rules, too.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I need to loose weight, jetting around the world in business class isn't helping.
Especially NOT HELPING AT ALL is that "in between snack" that SAS is serving. Danish smörrebröd, goddamit they're tasty.
(I had 4 last time, and swollowed them down with equally many glasses of Bollinger)
But hey, I'd rather be chubby and in business than skinny and in couch.

(I'm aiming for "Skinny in Business" for 2009, not very likely though)

Lee Edelkoort is an amazing woman, I've said that every time after listening to her, I know.
But anyone who serves mini sandwiches and a smoothie like this, suggests investing in bioplastics with the same ease as she's delivering the most mindblowing future analysis in the universe deserves to mentioned more than once.

She also said "Yellow is the new Pink and that shirts will take over a lot of the sales from jersey" (I wont go into why)
Two weeks earlier I picked up a frayed, sunbleached yellow vintage Brooks Brothers OCBD in NYC.
I rule, it's as simple as that.

Buttons up / Buttons Galore / Button-o-rama.
If you had my connections in NYC, you would know where to find precious little gems like these.
You don't.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The window at Bergdorf Goodman.
Snot-o-rama windowdressing is the new (fill in the blank)

Inside one of the bakeries in chelsea market.

Al always, Freeman Alley always offers a nice selection of quasi-arty-weirdorama grafitti / posters / whatever.
This one I don't get at all, but it's way cool.

Madras Madness!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some sweet original labels, dating from 1949 up to mid 60's.
And one hell of a busted up Bleeding Madras. Somehow reminds me of the "Nevada Jeans" Levis found some years ago?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smoking doesn't kill, it just makes you look much cooler.
(Our Legacy, flawless, again.)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Zlatotsviet. (Or Zlatotsvet / Slatozvet, not sure, means "Golden Flower" I
Russian Art/Letterature Journal, much like Jar Ptitka. Published in Berlin
I've come to understand that Berlin was Da Shit in publishing russian
litterature and journals in the 1920's.
(I guess publishing anything remotly more funny than the obituaries in
post-revoloution Russia wasn't so good for your health)
The inside is so stunning you would go all topsy turvey.
Granma, if you got interenet (wireless?) in heaven and is checking this
out, I wished you would have told me about these when you where alive!


Bought a nice pack of typewriter fonts the other day.
(Man, even the fonts I like are vintage-ish. Nerd-factor 10 out 10.)

Another one of the books from my grandmothers place, Nourriture de l'âme
(Food for the Heart)Published in 1936, first edition.
When I started looking through it, I was amazed to find so many different bookmarks.
Everything was used, a small french flag, prayercards, letters and notes
with scribbles. Yes, I admit it's totally gay to publish this kind of
romantic frilly stuff. But hey, look me in the eyes and tell me your mind
doesn't start wondering. She obviously cared for this book so much, it's
beautiful. (Look closely on the letter, that handwriting doesn't come ease,
best font ever!)

Ok, enough with PR and other superficial nonsence for a while, let's get
down to business with some seriously pretty art. Here's the deal. My
grandmother passed away some weeks ago, and clearing out her place I got
hold of some rather amazing books and magazines. She was a photographer and
gramps was an accomplished artist. (No pressure at all..) First up,
pictures from one of the most important art-critic magazines ever, "Verve".
First issue (pictured here) came out 1937 and featured a specially designed
cover by Matisse, lito's by Leger & Miro (!) Photos by ManRay, Cartier
Bresson, Lotard..

Apparently Scott Speedman has great taste in shirts.
I really dig the enlarged cheap-o-rama white plastic buttons.
God is in the details.
(And in the latest issue of GQ)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another amazing early monthly journal.
"Zhar Ptitka". It's like the russian version of Verve, only perhaps not as much attitude.
1921 in Russia was not a good place to have a ballsy attitude I guess.
Never the less, cover by Bilibin, reproductions (heliograph printed) by Arkhipov and other great ones.
This stuff was seriously ahead of it's time. (I think..what do I know about russian post revouloutionary art?)