Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last weekend

My wife's brother brought his renovated 1978 Chris Craft Lancer to the
He spent 3 years and a silly ammount of dolares to get it in such
pristine shape. It was basically a pile of shit when he got it.
Him being an ültra-picky industrial designer with a huge number of
awards on his resume, it ain't a sloppy job, let me tell you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I thought about those "perfect weekends" a while ago.

The one that surfaces from your subconcious every now and then. A
memory so fond you don't want to think of it too often.
Afraid you might wear it out, that it will loose it's precioussness.
At the same time you need to think of it often enough to remember the
details, the nuances, the smells.
That perfect weekend.
The one when everybody was there. Nothing clouded either sky or mind.
You ate, drank, danced and fell in love. (with the right girl for once).
You awake by the sunbeams warming your body, underneath a flannel
blanket that smells like "countryhouse".
You yawn, curl up under the blanket and just smile, in spite of the
It's a smile bigger than life itself and it suddenly hits you:
It doesn't get any better than this. This very moment, this very
place, this is as good as it gets.

Almost had one of those moments during middle of the week going
through Spring 2010 pictures with MD70 in NYC last week.
Good stuff dudes, good stuff.


Somebody sure did their homework, hats off.

Damn fine homepage as well.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're doing a collaboration with Michael Bastian for AW2010, as you probably already heard by now.

Michael is like the nicest dude ever, and it's so cool that we're finally able to tell the world about this collaboration. (It's actually been very hard not to tell anyone)

He's got such a fantastic take on American Sportswear, his stuff is right there on top of the wishlist for anyone with taste for perfectly made sportswear.

This is gonna eat every other collaboration next year for breakfast.

There is only one existing collaboration that is more interesting to me right now, and that's thecollaboration between "Mayo" and "Automatic Dispenser" they sport at "The Fryingpan", pier 66, at W 26th st.
If Michael Jackson resurrects and does something with Jil Sander, that would probably get some kick-ass press too. But it's not very likely, Acne would probably get to him first.

Go Gant.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tricked out Piaggio's

Italians are stylish, well mannered and can swing together the best
fucking meal you've ever had based on a pack of Di Cecco pasta a can
of tomatoes, some garlic and olive oil. There's also responsible for
Ferrari Dino, Riva and the Fiat "Cincque Cento"
That's why I was totally horrified when I saw this little "APE"-truck
with two tricked out Ciao Piaggio Vespas onboard in Alassio on the way
to the capucco e brioche-breakfast.
These vespas had something very german about them..could this really
be the work of italians??
At a closer look, sure enough, it was a german couple who where posing
as Italians, phe-ew!!
Mi dispiaggio, but Italians would never put fake-wook adornments on a
national treasure, only "ze germans" are capable of such monstrosity.