Sunday, October 22, 2006

This Fiat 500 is cool enough to base an entire collection on.

Thursday was the opening party for Whyred's new store in stockholm.
They offered russian tea, cucumber sandwiches and macarones. Very modern and very fresh!

Nice store & the collection is fantastic. (No one has better womens shoes this season by the way)
They deserve to break big time in the states.
Concidering what's cookin, they should be a smashhit with their understated, intellectual designs, tailored details and clever choice of fabrics.
Any fan of Michael Bastian, Thom Browne will love it.
(oh, and a big thanks to the entire USA (NYC that is) for finally adopting a more narrow silhouette. Even though I still haven't found a single american brand who carries a pair of nicely fitted chinos. What's up with those football thighs of your's, hehe..

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