Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Today was a good day. (they mostly are, I should add)
The office is near empty, the others in the design-crew being on their second far east trip for the season.
It's quite, I have time to sort thrue all kinds of stuff.
Started with some planning on fabric-designs for the Cruise collection Fall 07.
We're leaving for NYC the 12th of NOV to start it up and also to start tuning in for Spring 08.
Staying at the Maritime for the first time.
With Pastis across the street a smoke and a coffee to jump start my young(?) hart.
It's enough to make any man happy.
With dinner reservation at Freemans, sweet. It seem to be just my kind of place.

This old steamboat trunk, the craftsmanship and the soul of this thing makes it this weeks favourite piece!
Someone loved this trunk. I'm gonna buy it, I have to.
Jesus, there's really something with me and luggage at the moment.
What the hell am I going to do with all the luggage and bags I'm buying?
It's like casual sportswear shirts in banker stripes with white collars, it's just so damn good looking.
Wore one today with a narrow vintage black helmut Lang tie and Stan Smiths.
I never used to wear ties to my Stan Smiths. I'm old.

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