Monday, November 27, 2006

Somehwere in SOHO.
Anyone who racks up chairs like this, deserves an award for creative genius.

We had dinner at Freemans.
It was so good and such a nice place I won't even bother describing it.
(Very stealable menu, but they had one printed just for us, so I didn't have to do "the sneaky routine")
What was even more fantastic was the recently opened store Freemans (Sporting Club) clohting store next door.
Fantastic collection!! A mix between workwear/vintage/brittish bespoke that felt super modern.
Best item? Shirts (sewn in Japan) in 120's double yarns.
Cropped, snug fitting but not tight. Small, sporty looking towncollar. Touché indeed!

They've a drop in old school barber shop in the back end of the store.
Though the "barbers" looked like they could have been creative directors at John Barret's salon at B&G.
I know where I'm getting my next haircut.

The Gant limited edition shirts at Jeffrey's. Shazam!
They seemed to like it, which made me very happy.

Almost as happy as when we sat next to Marcia Cross during lunch at Bergdorf's.
(75 bucks and I didn't even get around to nicking a menu, scheisse!)
7 months pregnant and all she strolls in wearing Juicy and looked like, well...Bree.
(I instantly thought about that scene when she's wearing red lingerie, embarassing enough)
To my surprise I behaved like a 5 year old that sees Santa. I was this close from asking for a hug & a picture, hehe.
I didn't know I was a complete noob, but apparently that's the case.

Anyway..last day in NYC we found a fantastic kids store on Wooster and Houston called Trico Field.
They carry japanese rock'n roll-ish kidswear that kicks ass, do check it out.
Best piece was an american flag turned into a scarf, sounds nerdy, looked coooool.
Thought about bying one for Klara, but since the american flag is not
not pink/lilac/purple it would have been a total waste of money..
I need to get a son that I can trick out it vintage converse and The Strokes tee's.

Dior is consistant, and that's rare.
There's 30 years between the two items, they might as well be from the same collection.
Hat's off to that!
And hat's off to the fact that I started wearing Eau Savage, the only aftershave my dad's ever used.
(I've grown up enough to wear something that smells like a vintage barber shop, is that good or bad?)
At Paula Rubenstein & hubby Keith, nicest little store in NYC, I found the smashing vintage Dior scarf.
Even though it's against my religion to wear scarfs (I'm too chubby and short) I just might
wear this one for spring.
(Mental note: need to buy a huge yacht and a small village in france first)

Arty Farty Graffiti

Went to Williamsburg and stopped at Christopher Brosius "I Hate Perfume"-store.
I get a bit paranoid and think everything I do suck when I come to a store where
everything is thought through but still looks a bit thrown together.
That they have every single scent you might even imagine doesn't make it better.
Bought "Wet Pavement London", "Old Leather" and "White Soap"
It turned out that the 2 later mixes together rather nicely.
I smell like a very clean biker..

We found this arty-farty graffiti. I'm turning it into a tee.
(Apparently it's old, but so am I..)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New York. Rainy but fantastic.

Bergdorf Goodman first stop as always.
Michael Bastian has a very nice collection and with it hanging next to Thom Brown it probably is
the best 40 square meters of mens fashion there is today.
Dinner at Café Cluny, a new place on 12 th street, same owners as Odeon I think. Super-cosy french bistro.
Had a hanger steak and asked for bearnaise (surprise..), but it wasn't on the meny. It was served with a creamy garlic butter sauce. Equaly fat, and almost as good.
And the clock outside the entrance..didn't even know a clock could be this beatiful.
Stole a menu.

Hotel Maritime is nice. Small rooms but funtional. I should have been here 3 years ago when it was cool..
(Stole a menu anyway, hehe)

Dinner at Pastis, omelette and fries. Simple and nice.
(Buy the way, they are off my shit list, the Bearnaise is back on track)
Definately stole a menu. Prettiest one around.