Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sauce Bearnaise is a very important thing to me.

Needless to say, this Sauce of Sauces, adds to the circumference in a way that is not very sexy
Therefore, this summer I made a version of sauce bearnaise that is not based on butter, and will allow you to
spoon it in without worrying looking like a beached whale next summer.

I know, you're thinking "It will taste like crap, you moron!!"

You are wrong.

The ground is the same as always: (serves 4)
4 tblspoons of white wine vingar.
(Find one with tarragon in, it helpes boost the flavor)
same ammount of water,
One finely chopped schallot,
4 whole white pepper seeds
Chopped parsily
Fresh or dried tarragon.
(Half a pepperoncini if you want some oompff in it)

Boil until one third remains.
(Your eyes should be running standing next to the stove, or there's not enough vinegar in there!)

Meanhwile, put 3 eggyolks in a cup, should be roomtempered when they go in.

Sift the reduction, and put the liquid back in the pot.
Throw in the eggyolks and beat it constantly until starting to get creamy.
You don't want scrambled eggs, so easy on the heat!!!
(If you can make a sauce bearnaise directly on the stove, without a waterbath, you can do anything)

Now, to the magic.
Instead of pouring in like 200 grams of melted butter, you just take out a can of creme fraiche (the LIGHT version) and whip it in. You need to add half small pinch of sugar, a small pinch of salt to add up for the missing butter.

You will be surprised how well this works. A HUGE bonus is that you can put it in the fridge and re-heat it the day after without the sauce cracking.

The following places is on my shit-list for serving poor Sauce Bearnaise.
Schiller, NYC.
(With fries like that, why serve it with that crappy bearnaise?!)

Hotel Costes, Paris.
(Charging 45 USD for a mediocre piece of tournedos with some fat yellow yuk that tastes like Café De Paris sauce is a crime. Even Costes are not cool enough to get away with that)

Chez Andres, Paris.
(I just don't get it, here it is, the ultimate french bistro, and it tastes NOTHING. There are pizza places in Stockholm that serves better "Bea"..)

By the way, we miss Per & Jennie, a lot.

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