Monday, August 25, 2008

Freeman's apparently got a "Schacket" on the market. A mix between Shirt and Jacket. It's funny, I did the "Blashirt" this season. A totally unconcstructed Blazer, sewn on shirting machinery. I thought I was very "Rei Kawakubo" and "original. I'm very ordinary it seems. I'll never post again until I have an original idea... Crap. Besides, "Schacket" sounds a lot cooler than "Blashirt", acutally sounds a bit like "Sharted", a mix between shit and farted when I think of it...CRAP!!!

L'eclaireur in paris. Almost forgot how fantastique this place is.
It's got the same vibe as B4itwascool, only fashion instead of lamps.
The same shady, artful, almost sinister weirdness. "Too dark to live
in, but wonderful to visit" is the closest I get thinking of it. (Or
what it must have been like being best friends with Charles Bukowski,
sort of.)

P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Could this be the coolest lamp ever produced? Yes, it could be.It's 4500 dollars. Which is about 4500 dollars more than my lamp-budget at the time. (It's a vintage dentist lamp, root canal was so much more stylish back in the days)

I've said it B4, but "B4 it was cool on Houston and Bowery (sort of) is a mandatory to visit each time in NYC. There was this fantastic guy there who told me about how he "used to like fix computors and stuff" but now "sort of fixes electrical things, rebuilding, and stuff". Down in the basement I felt like I was stuck in the dungeon in "Silence of the lambs" Only the props where much scarier here... You need to check this place out, it's the creepiest and at the same time coolest place on earth. I want everything they have in the store. Basta.

The "Vintage mezzanine" at the flagship store on 5th Ave. Great items and great styling by Scott Hill, one of few who knows how to rock AND to do a kickass display. Wearing a Tie like that to a pop-over shirt, trés genial.

And so, finally, we're in at Barneys COOP. The feeling of seeing the stuff there is none other than extraordinary. (The mannequins looks like an alien on speed, but that's ok too)

Breakfast at Tiffanys are for loosers. Here's how to do it. Pop up to Dean & DeLuca at 80th and Madison, buy prosciutto di parma, creame cheese, some italian tomatoes, OJ and coffee. Then just find a nice spot of central park, dig in. Best breakfast I've had in ages. Notice my collegues skirt, smashing!

This fixture is sheding some light over the store What Comes Around Goes Around in NYC. Seth and Gerard running that place are the coolest dudes in town. Big up, and happy 15th anniversary!!

So, last week in NYC..This dude kept it rocking in a really nice way. Untucked oxford shirt, rolled up chinos and sweet shoes without socks. Takes a tall slim guy to make it. I try, but fail every time..I should stick to vintage shirts and denim, that's it.

Ahh, back from vacation. A month in our finca in Spain. An old donkey
stable turned in to...well let's say it's not a donkey stable anymore.