Monday, September 17, 2007

As always, Band of Outsiders fall collection is right on the money.
And keep up that polaroid thingy you do, Raf Simmons old skool stylee. That's hot.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weaving mill swatch books dating from 1899 - 1967.
Guess which one was in Coco Chanel's office..
They don't look like this anymore, trust me. It's among the most cherished things I own.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Scott Schuman told me that someone to keep your eyes on are the brothers behind Barker Black.
Scott Schuman is normally always correct, and in this case, absolutely.
Those wingtips after 6 months of hard wear, yes please.
Hang out in shitty pubs, play soccer, in other words, I would party the crap out of my Barker Blacks.
It will make them look twice as good, twice as fast.
Yes, I know you shoe-nerds who are picky about brushing and caring for your shoes will probably hate me, I hope you will at least. I'm still right though. Worn out expensive shoes are much cooler than polished expensive shoes.
That goes for any shoe by the way.

I really suck at updating this.
Anyway, news flash:

1. The abercrombie store on Savile Row in London was just as lame as on 5th avenue.
2. Sperry Topsiders have done the first collaboration ever, with Band Of Outsiders. Not lame at all.
3. Freeman sporting club hadn't got their stuff in to the store when I was in NYC, so I had to buy a toothbrush in bone and 3 ties from spring 07, still the best store in NYC.
5 Ralph Lauren have a team of 400 people doing the visual merchendizing around the world. And no budget.
That's why they rule the universe when it comes to display.