Monday, November 27, 2006

Somehwere in SOHO.
Anyone who racks up chairs like this, deserves an award for creative genius.

We had dinner at Freemans.
It was so good and such a nice place I won't even bother describing it.
(Very stealable menu, but they had one printed just for us, so I didn't have to do "the sneaky routine")
What was even more fantastic was the recently opened store Freemans (Sporting Club) clohting store next door.
Fantastic collection!! A mix between workwear/vintage/brittish bespoke that felt super modern.
Best item? Shirts (sewn in Japan) in 120's double yarns.
Cropped, snug fitting but not tight. Small, sporty looking towncollar. Touché indeed!

They've a drop in old school barber shop in the back end of the store.
Though the "barbers" looked like they could have been creative directors at John Barret's salon at B&G.
I know where I'm getting my next haircut.


Anonymous said...
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Antolio da Costa said...

Hi Stoffe, you owe me money. Pls let me know when u repay