Monday, November 27, 2006

Dior is consistant, and that's rare.
There's 30 years between the two items, they might as well be from the same collection.
Hat's off to that!
And hat's off to the fact that I started wearing Eau Savage, the only aftershave my dad's ever used.
(I've grown up enough to wear something that smells like a vintage barber shop, is that good or bad?)
At Paula Rubenstein & hubby Keith, nicest little store in NYC, I found the smashing vintage Dior scarf.
Even though it's against my religion to wear scarfs (I'm too chubby and short) I just might
wear this one for spring.
(Mental note: need to buy a huge yacht and a small village in france first)

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Anonymous said...

You got that right. Too short and waaaay too chubby. 'Butt-cute'