Thursday, December 14, 2006

Long time no see!
Who the hell am I talking to?
Nobody reads this except for my dear friend Eric apparently, who's taunting comments are actually
fun, keep it up! (Even though I deleted most of them)
Eric makes his livelihood as an overpaid controller, doing nothing really.

Since he gets paid more than I ever will, I feel a strong urge to get back at him in some way.
The only way I can do this is to tell him that I just booked trips to NYC, Florens, London, Paris and Berlin.
And yes, I will stay at nice hotels, take it rather easy, AND fly business class.
(Upgraded on points, but anyway)

That said, this is my oldest daughter, Klara. She has finally started to accept wearing navy.
Perhaps in a couple of years she will start wearing black as well.
Black was not a very prominent color when we did our fashion show for AW-07 this week and presented the collection for people representing 70 countries.
It felt like giving birth in a way.
Not that I know what it feels like, but it was nice when it was over.


Jens Flodback said...

Hej Christopher, tycker att din blogg är cool. Hoppas vi kan ses någon gång i Paris. Jag gillar ditt skägg

Eric said...

Can get me another Prada? My just received Centurion needs good husbandry

Anonymous said...

go fuck ur self Eric!