Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Um lavanderia muito bom!

One of the laundry facilities we work with is situated just outside
Porto. For those of you who haven't been to one, a laundry facility is
a magical place.
Stuff goes in, stiff, full of residues and starch, rather un-charming
and kind of lifeless most times. An hour or so later, after
sandwashing, stonewashing, different versions of golf-ball looking
thrown into large industrial size tumblers, enzymes and secret
concoctions the same product comes out, full of life, vivid and with
that perfect handfeel.
I never get tired of it, it's almost unreal how much a fabric can
change by finding the right combination of techniques.
This particular "Lavanderia" has the added charm of still being rather
old-school in the sence that "The Lab" isn't fully computorized.
There's still the sense of "Frankenstein stuff" going on. Potstills
are bubbling and theres people in white coats leaning over huge (and
very beatiful) filing cabinets checking what recipe they used last
time to get that perfect broken in feeling to a certain oxford
construction. And that's where the true magic is.
How much of softener? How long stonewash? Should we go for 60 minutes,
or will that break the edges on the collar? Should it be dried with
golfballs, dry or wet tumbling?
And that two ply italian poplin, should we just give it a rinse or do
we dare to give a couple of minutes in the tumbler with that new
square-shaped rubber thingy the technician asked us to try out, hmmmm..

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