Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lima, city of villains?

My colleagues went to Peru couple of weeks ago. At the airport one of
them took a closer peek at the box of confiscated items..
Normally you'd have your average pile of lighters, perfume, nail
files, scissors, and in some rare cases a forgotten pocket knife, but
this was insane.
Did Rambo just pass by with Tony Montana, Ted Bundy and The Tool
- Sorry Sir, but I'm afraid you have to leave your Desert Eagle,
hammer (!!??) and HUGE knife here.
- Ah, si, perdon.
- Not at all "hombre", here's your boarding pass, have a nice flight
with Coca Airlines.
- Gracias amigo!
- De Nada!

On the other hand, at Newark International, you even look security in
the eyes and they'll book you.
Every time I come to Newark bordercontrol, I have these compulsive
thoughts: "OK, this time, I'm gonna tell the "homeland security" dude
to go fuck himself if he's rude, for real"
And every time it ends up the same way..

- 'You eyeballin me?
- No Sir, I'm not.
- What are you doing here?
- Ehrm, visiting maybe? Like the rest of the 400 people waiting in
line? In scorching heat I might add.
- Why are you visiting the US?
- But for christ sake!! It's like this every single time I come here!
I just spent a gazillion dollars on a ticket to your country.
The only thing I want to do is spend money and then go back home and
tell everybody how fantastic NYC is.
I fuckin had it with this Homeland Security bullshit, either close the
fucking border or start treating people civilized.
- That's it, you're going to Guantanamo fucker!
- No No No!! Wait, I was just thinking out loud!!

Until the US border control policy changes, (and the utterly rude
staff is sent to kindergarten) I will concider Obama no more than a
puppet on a string in the hands of the Right Wing Christians.

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