Saturday, May 09, 2009

I have Tourettes.

My wife tells me I have Tourettes.
She's confusing ADHD with Tourettes.
(She does that a lot, confuse things and words, one of the many
reasons why I love her)

She says I'm overly ambitious, addicted to Acetone and always put way
too much effort into things.
(She's right, I need to cool it a bit, I've been like the fucking
energizer bunny lately)
Whenever I get the chance I do Acetone printing.
It's a neat little trick I learned from Richard Hutchinson like 10
years ago when we worked at Acne together.
We threw a surprise dinner for a friend at Teatergrillen in Stockholm
the other day.
Made a note and a label for the birthday boy. Printed on the backside
of an antique french label and a sheet of paper (from 1905) pulled it
out from one of the old textile books I have laying around everywhere
these days.

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