Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fashion Tale Magazine does it again!

I wrote about this fantastic magazine when they released their first
I then said it's very rare a new magazine blows you away. At the sneak
preview held today at Hotel Lydmar for their 3:rd issue, they did it
There's one particular story (again shot by Kalle Gustafsson, styled
by Mona Norremo) that is, pardon my french, fucking beautiful.
It's a take on iconic pictures of Brando, Dean, McQueen &Co. Sound
like a rehash? Well, when done with such love (and understanding) for
the originals it don't matter, it's still right up my alley and I
swollow it, hook, sink and line. No Corona chaser needed.
I take a bow. (Continue like this and I will get a hernia)

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