Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Long time no blog.

After reading a fanatic ( and fantastic) blog devoted to all things denim (repeattofade.blogspot.com) I feel a sudden urge to to revive my passion for indigo. I'll devote the next couple of days to depict some of my own collection, stay tuned for indigo porn.
My collection would have been substantially bigger hadn't I've been forced to sell some of it from time to time to afford partying in style back in the bad old days.

The only (proper) way to wear denim in style this (and coming season) is with a mid waist, drain-pipes and small turn-ups to get that high-tide length. Chucks or brogues, depending on the evenings event.
Think Thom Browne without the "silly length" and you'll do fine. (Or skinhead)
Preferrably with a cropped gingham shortsleeved shirt from band of outsiders.

Apart from denim, this weeks addition to "small details that makes all the change" has to be
uneven real mother of pearl shirt buttons that I will sport come next season.
Ultra subtile details like this makes me, well, happy.

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Chickslicker said...

Say you, say me. Say always together, naturally.

Stoff, it is DaddyMac - now back!

Good to see your stuff again, been missing you.