Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Check out the small flask from Hanbury Tennis club.
It reads "Gut Revivor". (wonder what the surgeons warning in the back says..)
Probably could have used a bit of that potent lotion last sunday after a seriously fun wedding.

Speaking of Gut Revivor
I can not point out strongly enough that NYC brands like Band of Outsiders, Freeman Sporting Club, Tim Hamilton and the likes of them needs to be saluted once again.
(Yes, I'm sure there's new players on the scene, but I'm to uncool to know)

While buying half the store at Beyond Retro today I saw so many cool dressed dudes. I need to go to Söder more often, at least that part.
I still get allergic reactions from Hornstull after living there for 5 years. This was before a flat was 3 million for half a kithcen, no view and suicide included)

I got the comment the other day in the office that I looked very "freemanish", in all vanity I took it as a compliment.
And, as I'm already sporting a mustach I can also tell people that "I grew it in favor of fighting prostate cancer"
(There's a ad-campaign going on in sweden)
This is, of course, in no way true, but it sounds good and works great in areas like Söder where people actually cares about this stuff.


Stainly Mainly said...

This is good stuff! Keep up the good work!

We'll be in your network soon

spacelounge said...

hej, tänkte bara uppmärksamma dig på att jag har svarat på ditt inlägg!

Upp med samlingen nu också!