Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ah, and there's a new crave. Vintage Sabatier cooking knives.
Seem to a wide range of stamps, sub-labels (2 lions, The elephant, 4 stars etc) to keep track of to determine the age, quality, origin. Can't wait to dig in to this.
I got one that I "borrowed" from mom like 10 years ago, it's still sharp as a mo-fo and comes to use on a daily basis.

So, apart the obvious hassle of getting knives through customs, I see no reason not to spend next months salary on a full set.
(Apart from perhaps having to cancel the trip to Italy this summer..)

There's actually great similarity between collecting denim and cooking knives. The patina, the detailing, the daily use and so on.
Only difference would be you can't use a pair of jeans to make sauce bearnaise.

Check out the stamp on this pairing knife. Need-to-buy. Now.

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