Thursday, December 14, 2006


I've done some research about the Velviona perfume from Helmut Lang.
Ever since I used the last drops, I've scoured the planet to find it again.
It was a limited edition of 500 bottles and it's nowhere to be found. (yes, I've tried Ebay..)

Here's the magic, apparently, Malin & goetz have made a similar scent called Synthetic Musk.
It's based on the same ingridient from Givaudan (a synthetic monocyclic musk called "Velvione") as Velviona.
Hence the name, Mr Lang made it as a tribute Givaudan.
(Anyone who makes a tribute to a specific series of molecules deserves an award by the way)

So, if you're looking for that newborn-baby scent with some animalic/intellectual kickass basenotes, your search is over.
I think, I haven't tried it yet, I'll know mid January after my NYC-trip.

If you don't smell good, you don't look good.

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