Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ikat?/ Ikat!

Ikat patterns from one of the vintage swatchbooks I've got at home.
Ca 1920's
I just don't know.
As a pattern, mos def!
I mean look at the colors, the grain in the fabric and the slubeffects
one only see in handwoven desklooms, unperfected beauty, for sure.
The way the colors interact is kind of fantastic, a full

It's like Talking Heads, most people I know hate their music, and then
there's the few "intellectuals that gets it".
- "Dude, Pshyco Killer is the like best song ever man!!!" they tell
(Personally I hold ANYTHING by Journey closer to heart)

I'll stand by, looking from a far and see how this goes down..

What do you think dear readers. Is Ikat an "OCBD killer" come next

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