Friday, January 08, 2010

Click me, I'm a wicked link.

Today we say grace to the house of Pomerol (and MD70), break open a bottle of Chateau Pétrus and wash down our Linguini fresca al tartufo bianco. 

We're on!

Yes you nimwit, I know white truffle season is over, but I keep mine in the fridge, rapped in some tissue paper in a sealed box with rice. This way, you'll be ok until february if your stash (and wallet) is big enough.
If you're clever, you'll also store a couple of eggs in the same box. 
Give it a week. (The eggs will soak up the aroma from the truffles) 
Now, make scrambled eggs.
Good enough to make you jizz in your pants.

David, you're the jizz in mine.

Told you the Cape Cod Sessions would become a classic.

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