Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sweden vs Maine

There's this old ship yard turned restaurant close to our country
house where we go as often as we can.
Food's great, wine's cold and time has stood still for the past 40
years, and the ship yard is still in operation.
The whole place is full of old junk and treasures.
I was this close to buying the old Audi they have for sale, it's a
1959 in perfect running condition, and was for sale at 2000 USD.
I've bought vintage jeans that cost more...I'm a schmuck.


Anonymous said...

What jeans do you have that are worth more than that beautiful Audi? Trade!

The confesser said...

Dude, if they where willing to trade that Audi for denim, I would, do doubt. but to answer your question I've got a first edition 506XX that retailed for 2200 USD when I got it back in 1998. (Totally overpriced) I traded it for some other stuff, but it was a suck-ass deal anyway. Told you, I'm a schmuck.

Anonymous said...

Where was the Audi for sale? I Sweden? And if so where abouts? I live in Copenhagen and I love that car!

Best Fred