Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tricked out Piaggio's

Italians are stylish, well mannered and can swing together the best
fucking meal you've ever had based on a pack of Di Cecco pasta a can
of tomatoes, some garlic and olive oil. There's also responsible for
Ferrari Dino, Riva and the Fiat "Cincque Cento"
That's why I was totally horrified when I saw this little "APE"-truck
with two tricked out Ciao Piaggio Vespas onboard in Alassio on the way
to the capucco e brioche-breakfast.
These vespas had something very german about them..could this really
be the work of italians??
At a closer look, sure enough, it was a german couple who where posing
as Italians, phe-ew!!
Mi dispiaggio, but Italians would never put fake-wook adornments on a
national treasure, only "ze germans" are capable of such monstrosity.

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