Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're doing a collaboration with Michael Bastian for AW2010, as you probably already heard by now.

Michael is like the nicest dude ever, and it's so cool that we're finally able to tell the world about this collaboration. (It's actually been very hard not to tell anyone)

He's got such a fantastic take on American Sportswear, his stuff is right there on top of the wishlist for anyone with taste for perfectly made sportswear.

This is gonna eat every other collaboration next year for breakfast.

There is only one existing collaboration that is more interesting to me right now, and that's thecollaboration between "Mayo" and "Automatic Dispenser" they sport at "The Fryingpan", pier 66, at W 26th st.
If Michael Jackson resurrects and does something with Jil Sander, that would probably get some kick-ass press too. But it's not very likely, Acne would probably get to him first.

Go Gant.

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