Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meat = Love.

The week in spain has come to an end.
Somewhat tanned, rested and with aching thighs from the daily 8 km
morning run the memory that stays is when we bought the 15 lbs Pata
Negra at the local food market.
This is how food should be presented and bought.


Gefundenes Fressen said...

Those hams look disgusting but really are culinary wonders. Enjoy! /Frippe

rippedbackpocket said...

Culinary wonder is almost an understatement for something that kicks the crap out of (mostly overated) Italian prosciutto.
And when you pay 30 Euros a kilo, it's even more fun.
Back at good old "Sabis" at "Fältan", they charge like 98 Euros a kilo. I'd rather kill my self.
Nice blog you've got going by the way!