Sunday, April 26, 2009

Early morning report Bleecker St NYC.
As always, the window dislpays at our good friends at Ralph Lauren is flawless.
And RRL has outdone themselves this spring with a vintage nautical story that oozes of denim, rope-trimmings and jersey fabrics that I actually could see myself making love to, that's how good it is.
The natural, non-artificial look on the finishing and washings is unparallelled to any other I've seen this season.
If you do not know the process of actually manufacturing garments like these, you cannot even begin to understand the huge ammount of detail and work that goes into each garment, it's mindboggling.
I humbly fall to my knees in awe of this company, over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

Morning Christopher, You guys can do this for us!!!!! Look forward to the june conference ;-)