Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There was no hesitation what so ever. It's mine now, it had to be.
This is THE Sawtooth, the fade, the patina, the everything.
Whopee-doo, to say the least.
By the way, tonite I'm going to meet Al Gore, that's really weird, even for being me.
Note to self: Must be slightly tipsy before I say hello.
"I met Al Gore, drunk".
How many can say that? That's cooler than cool. Ice-cool, that's what it is.
(Or it's just my lousy relation to free champagne, I don't know)


spacelounge said...

Very nice. Did you ever check out the vintage shops in Tokyo. If not, you must. I'm dying here!!
And yeah, I got a 40s Gant shirt a while ago.. Pictures to come.
You will dig it!

rippedbackpocket said...

I Love Tokyo, going back in march.
Would love to see some pictures of that gant shirt!
If it's 1949 or early 50's I'll pay a hefty bunch of dolares for it if you're up for selling it.
Let me know.