Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last weeks vacation in Alassio on the Italian Riviera ment sunshine, wine, great food and splendid company, it normally does.
What it does not normally mean is buying 22 pairs of vintage Nike sneakers from 1979.
I got a tip about this sportswear store where they "had some old stuff that you seem to like so much".
After rummaging through the shelves, the owner (72 years old) wanted to wash his hands and went back to the storage, I took a peak inside...and HOLY CRAP!!
There they where!!
Untouched for almost 30 years, stacked in a moldy corner, in their original boxes, never even laced up!!
I asked if I could take a look. "Yes of course, but they are very old"
Ah, the sweet sweet feeling of finding that gold at the end of the rainbow.
I might be the happiest vintage nerd in the world today.


Anonymous said...

Hello Monkey! You are doing good obviously. But you are still not making money of your own... pobre niƱito.

I make a hell lot more money than you, but I never spend any.

So kindly let me know if you have any old-nike-sneakers for my gargantua feet (size 10.5). You will then make some money on your own...

Yours up the valley

rippedbackpocket said...

I'm all sold out on the google-plex sizes, asswipe.
Buy a pair for your hot little wife instead, you cheap bastard.

(But you're right, I don't make as much money as you, and that's all that counts, really)

Anonymous said...

Indeed yes.

If anybody ever read your blog, I would feel like a jerk, but...

Ok, honestly, I envy you. You're living my dream. You get paid'n'laid for being a complete and utter carbuncle on the rich and infamous.

/Your greatest fan :)