Friday, June 01, 2007

Moving from proper vintage americana, a true piece of Swedish denim history!
This is a pair of Gul & Blå ("Yellow & Blue"), the first real swedish denim brand ever to hit the streets, 1966.
They created total chaos and the line of people waiting was three blocks long outside the store. 1973 they sold 600-700 per DAY!
This is the "TT" model, one of the first lot's produced, in mint condition.
Got it from one of their sales guys like 14 years ago when he realized I was a complete nut for vintage.
This is pristine and it's in a way the foundation on which all swedish denim brands today stand on.
I cherish them as much as any of the Levi's and Lee's I have.
By the way, no, it's not even close when I think about it.
But still kinda cool.
And, the founders daughter started Filippa K, great swedish brand where my buddy Rasmus design the mens line.

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