Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"L'eau De Collecting Dust"

Still taking up space in the bathroom..

Now you're thinking "Oh, I LOVE Christopher Brosious fragrances!"

If you had read this blog from day one (which you haven't) you would know that the only perfume worth name-dropping is 'Velviona'.

2001 Helmut Lang decided using a synthetic macrocyclic musk-note by Givaudan as the only note to an entire fragrance was a good idea.
It was, believe me.
Only 500 bottles was ever made and sold at the (now long gone) H Lang perfume store on Greene St in NYC.
I still regret buying only one.
(At 250 USD for 15 ml it was a decision made by my wallet, not me)

Annick Goutal and Czech & Speake does very nice stuff as well.

My wife tells me I have a natural scent of cinnamon at the back of the neck.
I love her for that.

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