Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sun kissed feet + Sperry for J Crew.

I made a promise never to post pics of myself, (since I kind of lack
an interesting style and the body to accompany it)
But I got this pic from Jenny at MD70 and...Man, my Sperry's for J
Crew kicks a little bit of ass.

By the way, teleporting a huge hug to everyone at MD70 for their
outstanding performance during the shoot.
And to Guy Aroch, the photographer...We simply love you man, hands
down one of the coolest men on the planet.


Gefundenes Fressen said...

Those shoes are really nice, so are the jeans. Who makes them?

rippedbackpocket said...

Thanks, you've got a great blog going!
The denims are a pair of 5 year old Nudie "Ola Bootcut".
I'm a retard when it comes to denim in a way.
Even though I'm a total vintage nerd (my collection contains everything from a pair of 1950's 701XX Lady Levis with Pink selvage to a 506XX first edition Jacket with the jerky tag still on) I just don't find buying new ones as interesting.
When I find a pair that I like, I wear the same jeans every day until they fall apart.
No matter that bootcut is as dead as disco. Still looks fab.
Last time in India my supplier offered me to mend them for me as they thought I "looked like a bum".
The rip at the pocket comes from years of carrying my snuff around.

Andreas said...

Really nice shoes! And Jenny is a true sweetheart!