Wednesday, March 25, 2009

t's that time of the year (at least in sweden) when you can finally wear chucks without dying from hypothermia.
Not that I wear anything else, even when there's three feet of snow, but at least people stop making remarks.
Speaking of hypothermia, flood-pant-god Mr Thom Browne seem to be in a bit of a predicament himself, apparently having a hard time paying his bills.
I could have told you 6 months ago (but didn't) when I visited this place, who used to make TB's oxford shirts but had to stop as he didn't keep his end of the deal. (Paying in time that is)
He seem to be doing OK moneywise with work from Brooks and others, and I do hope he finds a way to continue his own line, would be a great loss to menswear.

Gambert Shirts in Newark have been doing the real stuff since 1933.
Suzanne Gambert is third generation and they have a nice little set up, and some mad skills.
I still nurture the idea of one day doing a small run of shirts with them, he who waits..

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