Sunday, February 15, 2009

My brother & his wife are thinking of putting together a cookbook called "Normal fucking food that even a moron could make".
(The title is roughly translated from swedish, but knowing my brother, it's not far from what the english title would be)

It should be pointed out that my brother ain't exactly at a Anthony Bourdain level in the kitchen, but the concept is great, and god knows he likes to cook when given the chance to chop something up with a sharp knife.
Besides, he's got a shotgun, lives on an island and is somewhat of a mogul in swedish media industry, so I guess he get's away with it. My contributions to this scrap-book bastard of a cookbook starts with poached eggs over smoked salmon, sauce hollandaise, sprinkled with chopped shallots, chives and a splash of tabasco.

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Karin said...

min man tycker att det är synd att du inte tycker han kan laga mat... han ser sig själv som the big chef.