Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday's "Toast Pelle Jansson" day.
Eggs benedict over cold smoked salmon with homemade (from scratch of course) sauce hollandaise for the wife.
(I should be voted best husband in the known universe)

Toast Pelle Jansson:
Grade A beef tournedous hammered out (carpaccio thin), placed on a white toast.
A spoon of sour cream. (or gräddfil)
2 spoons caviar
1 raw eggyolk
Finely chopped chives / leek and red onions.
Fold the carpaccio beef over the filling, squeeze some fresh lemon & top off with parmesan shavings.
Season with black pepper and seasalt.

You're allowd to crack open a cold beer while cooking and at least one more while eating, this is a hefty meal.

Burp loudly, have a smoke on the balcony and then go to bed knowing that you can whip together a pretty fucking awesome sandwich.

Once again, I rule.

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