Friday, December 19, 2008

Aren't some days just way better than others? Today was certainly one of those days. I started out having a boardmeeting in our NYC office which was very inspiring (I thought boardmeetings where suppose to be booring?). Then I headed over to bergdorf goodman, found out the entire place was like 50 % off. Bought 3 (?) black bowties from Thom Browne, a 2009 calender in calfskin and ended up discussing Michael Bastians cruise collection with Mr Tommy Hilfiger himself who was also admiring Mr Bastians latest creations.
Coming out of Bergdorf I run into Scott Schuman (with whom I had dinner yesterday) and went from there to J.Press trying to find that patchwork scarf for Ted. (they where sold out, sorry man..)
I'm going to top this day off with having dinner at Todd English's new place The Libertine down on Platt street.

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Tomas said...

Kosmopolit, bitch.