Monday, October 01, 2007

Crate Denim's Chad Hilton gave a really un-predictable answer to a really predictable question in WGSN lately.

"What direction do you feel denim is going in?"
"I don't know. We will continue to do what we feel we do best, which is American-made, well-fitting clothing."

Sweet he's not spewing out "Ehhm, we're like about converting denim in to a big yellow bird, oversized yet kind of sublime, maybe smelling like cookies? And in a pinkish grey shade, or something?"

Also, their secret service store is way cool.
(It looks a bit Band of Outsiders-ish, and anything that looks like B.o.U is cool)

By the way, I will post some pics from the "Take Ivy" book and the Rhode Island yearbooks within a week or so.
(Sorry, haven't seen it around anywhere else, will post if I do, promise)

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