Friday, February 02, 2007

It's old news to most but if you're out for something really heavy and want to smell like a true Italian gentleman, go for
Czech & Speak's "Citrus Paradisi"
Perfect if you hold a daytime job managing the Hanbury Tennis Club in Alassio and spend all night having drinks with the creme de la creme. I'll definately be sporting it this summer.

If you've been missing Helmut Lang's Velviona:
Malin & Goetz Synthezised Musk is the answer to your prayers.
It might not be just as intense and strangely fantastic as Velviona due to it's many more
components, but it still does the job.

Otherwise, anything from D&L Co's signature line will do the trick.
They use handpleated, swiss tissue to cover their candles.
Now THAT's luxury.


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