Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I got a hair cut at freemans old barber salon.
Ivan, the hairdresser (?) told me all about Puerto Rico's political history, and did a somewhat lousy haircut.
The guys told me I looked like Liza Minelli during dinner (that too at Freemans..) Not a good look I guess.
The barbershop itself kicks ass though, big time.

Later that night I (literary) ran into Janice Dickinson at some bar.
At least I think it was her, because I said "Oh, hi, your'e like Janice Dickinson aren't ya?"
She seemed high as a kite and asked some huuuge dude to "get rid of me".
Horrible dragon of a woman.
I have to stop talking to celebs, nothing good will come of it, ever.


k_batti said...
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Kajsa said...

You really ought to stop talking when you are drinking. You look so much better with your mouth shut!

Still can't argue with your phenomenal same-sex-appeal

David said...

Hehe, mötte Sofia i helgen, visste inte att du var där också?! Hur många ggr ska vi behöva vara buksvågrar?